Membership Meeting 12-13-18


12/13/18 NFFE 1450 Membership Meeting




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  1. Call to Order   11:32am:  Anna Dennis


  1. Conductor Sentinel Announcement: Anna Dennis


  1. Roll Call of Executive Board Members: Anna Dennis


                                           President, Dennis Murakami excused

Vice President, Ken Einbinder✓

Treasurer, Lisa Barnard excused

Recording-Secretary, Sue Sheftel✓

Conductor Sentinel, Anna Dennis  ✓

Trustee, Janie Lopez ✓

Trustee, Robin Thompson excused

Trustee, Toulu Thao excused

Business Representative, Jan Thompson





Jane Alex

Davin Lal

Peter Ludlam


  1. Roll Call of Offices: Anna Dennis

Las Vegas✓

Reno ✓


Albuquerque (SWONAP) ✓

Los Angeles ✓

San Francisco  ✓

Santa Ana  ✓



  1. Secretary’s Report: Sue Sheftel



  • Minutes from 11/29/18 Membership meeting


Read into Record: Susan Sheftel

Discussion:  None

Motion to Adopt: Anna Dennis

Second: Janie Lopez

Vote: Unanimous



  • Membership Report


New Members:

Ferne Boggs, Santa Ana, 12/10/18


Retired/Left NFFE:



Lifetime Members:



  1. Treasurer’s Report (see attached)

Read into record: Sue Sheftel


  1. Regional Issues:


  1. New Developments in NFFE 1450: Ken Einbinder
  • Reported that management issued a contingency plan for shutdown to all employees. If use or lose is cancelled because of a shutdown, agencies are encouraged to allow the leave to be taken in 2019 because of the exigent circumstances.
  • Discussed status of litigation involving May 25th Executive Orders
  • Reported on memo from San Francisco Multi-Family regarding telework



  1. Bargaining: Ken Einbinder

Nothing to report


  1. Office Reports


Phoenix/Albuquerque (Ken Einbinder)

  • Reported that NFFE is representing an employee at a step 1 grievance hearing challenging performance appraisal.
  • NFFE is representing an employee who filed a grievance against manager for manager’s improper approval of grantee’s budget.


Los Angeles (Anna Dennis)

  • Reported that employee may request NFFE’s help in January for a 5-day telework reasonable accommodation.


San Francisco (Sue Sheftel)

  • NFFE is representing employee in step one grievance hearing over performance appraisal. A data request was also submitted in this case.
  • NFFE represented an employee at step 2 hearing grieving a reprimand. We are waiting for management’s decision.
  • NFFE sat in on program planning meeting for environmental group
  • NFFE is helping employee get hardship transfer to care for family member.


Santa Ana (Peter Ludlam)

  • Discussed Performance Planning EPPES for underwriters
  • NFFE is representing employee in step 2 grievance regarding unfair selection and denial of promotion.


 Las Vegas/Reno (Janie Lopez)

  • NFFE member Gail Osgood is planning to retire at the end of December.
  • There are no plans to hire in the Las Vegas office.


  1. Q&A
  • Discussion about USA Jobs announcement for FHEO GS 13 positions.
  • Discussion about suggested resources if a shutdown occurs.


Meeting adjourned:   12:22pm



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