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2018 Organizing Award

NFFE-1450 has earned an Organizing Award. Excellence in Stewardship was paid off. Congratulations to our Chief Steward, Susan M. Sheftel, and Anna Dennis and all the Stewards who were involved on this organizing project. Thank you for your hard works!!

Executive Order of May 25,2018 – Should you care?? E.O. May 25 2018

Analysis of the impacts to HUD working environment resulting from this Executive Order is available on NFFE-1450 Website. The analyses were provided by Dennis T. Murakami, a Senior Attorney at Office of HUD General Counsel and President of NFFE-1450. You will need to log-in to NFFE-1450’s website to see his comments. If you are not able to log-in, please contact Chief Regional Steward, Susan.M.Sheftel@hud.gov for information on how to access the member’s website.


The Largest Federal Union has sued Trump….June 2, 2018.

This is a democracy, not a dictatorship. No president should be able to undo a law he doesn’t like through administrative fiat.” — American Federation of Government Employees President David Cox

Go to Largest fed employees union sues Tr.. for more information on AFGE’s this lawsuit.