Month: January 2019

Back Pay For Federal Employees

Dear Members: FYI, check out this link for an opportunity to donate so that furloughed families in need can, in part, help feed their families… In addition, according to a press release from the White House issued today, the President has signed the Government Employee Fair Treatment Act of 2019. Great news!! We are […]

Furlough & 2018 Tax

Not many Americans look forward to filing taxes but this year may be different for any number of our members!  Tax refunds! I’ve been asked about our W2’s and whether they will be issued in a timely manner.  According to the NFC, the W2’s are in the process of being printed and mailed.  All W2’s […]

Furlough: Health Benefits & Go Fund Me

Good Evening, Welcome to another day of furlough with still no end in sight! Certain questions have arisen from members that will be addressed in this message. Please remember that while I will continue to send email updates to all members during the course of the furlough, this information is being posted at as […]

Updates: Backpay during furlough

Good evening everyone, The Senate and House have passed the Government Employee Fair Treatment Act of 2019.  This bill allows furloughed and excepted employees (persons forced to work without pay during the lapse in appropriations) to be paid from December 22nd (the first day of the lapse).  The bill states that employees shall be paid […]

Helpful Tips During Furlough

Good evening, Despite the government closure, I hope that everyone enjoyed the Holidays.  Of course, this time off would be immensely more enjoyable if we knew when our next paychecks will be arriving but no one can predict the future including whether we are to be provided with back pay. We do know that we […]