Board Meeting Minutes 2-5-19


Board Meeting 2/5/19, 11:30 a.m.


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Call to order:  11:30am    Dennis Murakami


Part A – Internal Union Business


  1. Roll call (Dennis Murakami)


Dennis Murakami ✓

Ken Einbinder ✓

Lisa Barnard ✓

Sue Sheftel✓

Anna Dennis ✓

Janie Lopez ✓

Robin Thompson ✓

Toulu Thao ✓

Jan Thompson, Business Manager ✓


Auditors (attendance optional)

Davin Lal

Jane Alex

Peter Ludlum


  1. President’s Report
  2. Telework is being cut back
  3. Dennis got a notice from ELR asking us to justify 2 FTEs going forward.
  4. Time bank hours do not roll over from year to year. Because of shutdown, we already have 400 hours for the new year.
  5. Assuming a shutdown on February 15, Toulu will list resources on website that will be available to members. Management has been changing some employees to excepted status. Dennis will follow up on this.


  1. 3.         Secretary’s Report (Sue Sheftel)
  • 12/6/18 Minutes (January meeting not held because of government shutdown)

Discussion: None

Motion to Accept: Ken Einbinder

Second: Lisa Barnard

Vote to Accept: Unanimous


  • Membership Report (Sue Sheftel)


New Members:


Retired/Left NFFE:

Ken Watkins, San Francisco, 1/31/19

Cindi Tsai, San Francisco, 2/18/19


Retired Lifetime Member:

Myrna Pascual, Santa Ana, 12/12/18

Lilia O’Callaghan, 1/31/19


Received solicitation letter from IAM dated 1/9/19 for Local Lodge 2068 in Rochelle, Illinois to support striking members.

  1. 4.         Treasurer’s Report (Lisa Barnard)


Read into minutes: (See attached report)

Motion to Approve:  Ken Einbinder

Second:  Robin Thomas

Vote to approve:  Unanimously


  1. Recruitment Opt-In to NFFE National Program (Anna Dennis)

Anna is putting application together.


  1. Monthly NFFE recruitment activities (Sue Sheftel)

Currently coordinating activity in Los Angeles.


  1. Comment about members who join for one-time help and then leave (Toulu Thao)





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Dennis Murakami ✓

Ken Einbinder ✓

Lisa Barnard ✓

Sue Sheftel ✓

Anna Dennis✓

Janie Lopez✓

Robin Thompson ✓

Toulu Thao ✓

Jan Thompson, Business Manager ✓


  1. HUD Standard Operating Protocols (Ken Einbinder)

New track changes draft submitted to NFFE for review. Ken will ask for a presentation and clarification from management on the Protocols.


  1. WWW (Sue Sheftel):  Jamie Rodny and Greg Harrick are at WWW this week attending the Federal Employee Program.


  1. 9.   Office Reports:
  • Las Vegas (Janie Lopez):

Gail Osgood retired.  Janet Levesque is planning to retire in March.

  • Reno (Janie Lopez): Nothing to report


  • Los Angeles (Anna Dennis/Ken Einbinder):

Public Housing employee received poor EPPES and is contemplating retirement.


  • Phoenix (Lisa Barnard/Ken Einbinder)

Step 1 grievance held; response is overdue from management.

SWONAP grievance filed against supervisor.  Waiting to be assigned to step 1 official.


  • Albuquerque (Lisa Barnard/Ken Einbinder) : Nothing to report


  • San Francisco (Sue Sheftel)


REAC employee forwarded email from supervisor assigning him work during the shut-down.


REAC employee waiting for response to step 1 hearing.


MF employee’s step 2 grievance decision received 12/19 in favor of management.   Dennis will contact Steve Lenkart at NFFE National re lobbying to get award language out of new budget.


BUE asked NFFE if a HUD employee can buy a HUD home.  Referred him to Mike Propst.


  • Santa Ana (Ken Einbinder)

Employee received step 2 decision in favor of management regarding reasonable accommodation and discrimination in failure to promote.  Peter Ludlam suggests case be handled through EEO.



Meeting adjourned 12:48 p.m.

Updated: April 4, 2019 — 9:44 pm