Membership Minutes 2-28-19

MINUTES 2/28/19 NFFE 1450 Membership Meeting January 2019 meeting not held because of government shutdown


Conference Passcodes Host Passcode: XXX XXX XXXX (Anna Dennis use only) Participant Passcode: 163 437 7676 Conference Shortcuts • Press *6 to mute or “un-mute” line. • Press *4 to increase conference volume. • Press *7 to decrease conference volume. • Press *5 to increase your voice volume. • Press *8 to decrease your voice volume.

1. Call to Order 11:30am:

2. Conductor Sentinel Announcement: Ken Einbinder

3. Roll Call of Executive Board Members:

President, Dennis Murakami ✓ Vice President, Ken Einbinder✓ Treasurer, Lisa Barnard✓ Recording-Secretary, Sue Sheftel✓ Conductor Sentinel, Anna Dennis late Trustee, Janie Lopez ✓ Trustee, Robin Thompson absent Trustee, Toulu Thao absent Business Representative, Jan Thompson

1. Auditors: Jane Alex Davin Lal Peter Ludlam
4. Roll Call of Offices: Dennis Murakami Las Vegas✓ Reno ✓ Phoenix✓ Albuquerque (SWONAP) ✓ Los Angeles ✓ San Francisco ✓  Santa Ana ✓

5. Secretary’s Report: Sue Sheftel

a. Minutes from 12/13/18 Membership meeting January 2019 meeting not held because of government shutdown

Read into Record: Susan Sheftel Discussion: None Motion to Adopt: Steven Belding Second: Lisa Barnard Vote: Unanimous

b. Membership Report New Members: Annaliza Bascom, SF, 2/6/19 Eric Christensen, SF, 2/26/19 Vicki VanDreel, Phoenix, 2/26/19

Retired/Left NFFE: None

Lifetime Members: None

6. Treasurer’s Report (see attached) Read into record: Lisa Barnard Discussion: None Motion to Adopt: Sue Sheftel Second: Ken Einbinder Vote: Unanimous

7. Regional Issues:
a. New Developments in NFFE 1450: Dennis Murakami i. Reported on upcoming pay raise ii. Reported on administration recommendation for performance-based pay iii. Reported on debt ceiling iv. Reported that use or lose is starting to show up in WebTA

Ken Einbinder reported that per National President Randy Erwin, the court’s decision on the administration’s appeal regarding the executive orders may come out within 90 days.

b. Bargaining: Ken Einbinder NFFE and Management signed a supplement to Revised Operating Protocols assuring that the protocols conform with NFFE 1450 Labor Management Agreement.

8. Office Reports
Phoenix/Albuquerque (Ken Einbinder)

a. NFFE helping employee grieve EPPES, going into step 2 hearing.

b. NFFE and employee waiting for decision from yesterday’s step 1 hearing relating to manager’s improper oversight of grantee.

Los Angeles

a. Brandon Bradley of Benefit Architects gave short report of his visit in the Los Angeles office and availability to employees with benefit questions.

b. Annette Williams talked about disaster area deployment.

c. Pauline Louie reported that she coordinates disaster volunteers for Region IX.

San Francisco ( Sue Sheftel )

a. NFFE will sit in on Weingarten meeting next week.

b. NFFE is helping employee with reasonable accommodation for telework.

c. NFFE is helping employee get back pay.

d. NFFE is helping employee grieve EPPES.

e. Reported on Davin Lal’s and Letitia Johnson’s Camp Fire emergency deployment presentation at yesterday’s Lunch and Learn.

Santa Ana ( Peter Ludlam )

a. Reported that Step 2 decision was moved to Board for arbitration vote.

b. Reported that NFFE sat in on Weingarten meeting last week.

c. Discussed employees who were called to work during the shutdown who were not on the exempt list.

d. Asked for second NFFE volunteer to be on the health and safety committee..

Las Vegas/Reno ( Janie Lopez )

a. Thanked Toulu and Dennis for information sent out to members during the shutdown.

9. Q&A

Ken discussed Federal Services Impasse Panel decision regarding AFGE bargaining which supports May 25th executive orders.

Reminded members that our own agreement expires mid 2020.

Meeting adjourned: 12:20pm

Meeting Notes Approved by the Membership on 3/28/19



Chase Checking $9,147.68
Chase Savings $56,635.31
Checks Written/#: TO: FOR: AMOUNT:
Checks Outstanding:
Deposits to Ckg: Amount: FOR: DATE:
NFFE National $180.64 Dues 03/14/2019
Deposits to Svg:
Chase Bank $1.73 Interest 02/28/2019
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