Retiree Membership

Did you know that even if you retire from you career you can still be a NFFE-IAM member?

A member who is retired from his/her place of employment and is no longer seeking gainful employment of any kind may be entitled to a Retirement Card.

A member who applies for a Retirement Card must at the time of application pay dues through the month in which they retire.

In accordance with changes made at the 2016 Grand Lodge Convention, effective January 1, 2017 the one-time fee for retirement cards is $15.00. The fee for retirement cards issued prior to January 1, 2017 is $10.00.

If a member holding a Retirement Card returns to work, they must surrender their Retirement Card for cancellation and reapply and pay the appropriate fee when they retire again.

Application for Retirement Card must be filed timely (within 60 days of last dues payment).

Payment of the one-time $15.00 fee (by check or money order) should be made out to:  NFFE, FD-1

Please remit payment along with the application to:

1225 New York Ave NW, Ste 450
Washington, DC 20005