Message From The President

In 1998, there were 9,442 HUD employees (not including OIG and GNMA).  By 2016, HUD was down to 7,286 and is projected to be at 6,998 staff at the end of 2018.  This represents a nearly 26% decrease in the number of HUD employees.  One in four HUD employees is no longer with the agency and the plan is to downsize even more. 

A smaller workforce makes change mandatory.  HUD has repeatedly reorganized itself to streamline its functions to accomplish its primary mission of providing decent, safe and sanitary housing.  As HUD has changed, the demands upon our members have dramatically increased.  The Federation must change as well if we are to continue providing services such as protecting the working environment of employees through bargaining; disseminating information in a timely manner; and, directly working with individual employees in addressing workplace matters to name only a few services that the Federation provides. 

When I moved to the Regional Office from the East Coast to manage attorneys, I was given a mandate to change a dysfunctional office.  And, I did. 

I changed the business processes of the office and improved the efficiency of the office by more than 90%.  This was recognized when I was selected as the only attorney in the country to participate in the inaugural class of leadership training known as the Fellows Program. 

Change can be difficult, but change is necessary. 

Please join me as I work to improve how the Federation delivers services to all of you and as I work to improve the quality of the services that the Federation provides. 

Thank you for your support. 

Dennis Murakami

President, NFFE-1450